Introducing New Cloud Frame App

Send photos and manage cloud frame remotely on mobile app, enjoy upgraded 20GB FREE Cloud Storage

Cloud frame mobile App is released! You can easily upload pictures to your cloud album from mobile devices, support most smart phone and tablets.

Search "Sungale Cloud" on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to install.

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No matter where you might be, feel connected to your friends and family anywhere in the world

 Sungale Cloud Frame is not only a connected home device, but also based on cloud technology. Family members and friends have the ability to send their photos to the cloud from their smart phones or laptops no matter where they are. The Cloud Frame can then retrieve these photos from the cloud every 10 minutes to automatically display the photos on the screen.

Learn How Sarah used the Cloud Frame to remotely manage and send new photos to her Grandma daily

 Sarah was born in Los Angeles and had a close loving relationship with her Grandma. Recently, Sarah and her parents moved to New York, and she is constantly missing her Grandma all the time. Sarah’s Grandma is also missing Sarah a lot and is often in tears. Sarah has a lot of photos in her laptop, but Grandma is not comfortable with computers or understands how to use them. After seeing the situation and doing a little research, Sarah’s Father finally finds the Sungale Cloud Frame. Sarah and her Father take time to select, create and build their own photo albums in the dedicated cloud storage provided by Sungale’s Cloud Frame to make sure that Grandma feels connected to the family. Now Sarah can send photos daily to Grandma, and the highlight every day for Sarah’s Grandma is to walk first thing over to the Cloud Frame to watch all the new photos that Sarah has sent to her. Sarah likes to call the Cloud Frame her Grandma Frame.


Enjoy free 20GB storage space

 Sungale Cloud Frame provides customers with 20GB free storage packages for the users to store their photos. In addition to offering free packages, Sungale also provides paid packages for those users who may want to buy extra cloud storage to fulfill their need.

Learn how Emily easily sent Real-Time photos to her Grandma’s Frame

 Emily is attending her school's student car-wash in San Francisco, and she wants to show her Grandma in Boston how much fun she is having doing the work with her classmates. Since she has a smart phone, she has already taken a number of photos and wants to send them to her Grandma’s Cloud Frame. She simply opens her smart phone’s browser and goes to: From there, she logs into her account and taps the Upload Photos icon, which brings up her photo gallery. Emily then selects the photos she wants her Grandma to see and uploads them to the her Sungale cloud storage account. Several moments later, Emily’s Grandma is happy and proud to see the real time photos of Emily’s car wash on her Cloud Frame.

Built-in internal memory, and expandable with an SD card

 Besides the internal 8GB memory, the Cloud Frame also has an SD card port. This allows you to expand the memory of your Cloud Frame to 32GB. By Plugging in your SD card into the port, you can enjoy all the photos and videos you have taken and stored in that card.

Like Movies? The Cloud Frame offers a full array of Videos and Movies to watch just like a TV

 Sungale Cloud Frame has integrated the most popular video hubs in its Online Video block. By selecting the “Online Video” block from the home page, you will enter the video section where you will need to select the “+” icon. From that point, you will find a backup list of video hubs to select including Netflix. When clicking on the Netflix logo or any available video service, you will be prompted to install it. By inputting your personal account information and password, you will be able to watch the latest movies on Netflix or any video hub you choose to select.

Access social media for sharing and enjoying photos with your online friends

 Sungale Cloud Frame has pre-installed Facebook, Twitter and Google+ available from the home screen, and by clicking the logo, you can go to your social media accounts to share photos with your friends.