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Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea for 2024

Updated: May 3

Mother's Day is around the corner and during this special day, we love to show our mom's how much they mean to us.

We've put together a short list of items that mom is sure to love and appreciate during the upcoming holiday that's dedicated to her.


The Gift of Memories - Sungale Cloud Frames

20% OFF

Share memories no matter where you both live – the same city or in a completely different state. The easy to use iOS and Android APP makes sharing pictures a Snap. Put a smile on your mom's face with all the new updates and favorite moments she would love to see.


21.5 inch with Wooden Frame Cloud Frame: Mothers Day Special $240

This frame makes the perfect gift for the mom's who love sophisticated style. The outer wooden frame with it's light brown accents will make the frame a show piece in your mom's house with it's elegant design.

This is definitely the gift for mom's who love sophistication and high-class home décor


19 inch with Motion Sensor Cloud Frame: Mothers Day Special $208

This Frame has all the bells and whistles and an amazingly detailed HD display. With it's motion sensor control, for managing the power based on movement, this is the only frame in our line-up that has that feature and why it might be the right frame for the mom in your life.

This is definitely the Gift for your mom if she wants every single feature...

Especially Motion Activation


10 inch with Auto-Rotate Cloud Frame: Mothers Day Special $96

This frame is one of our latest models as well, and the price point is unbeatable when you are looking at everything it includes: 10 inch HD IPS Touchscreen, Auto-Rotation between Portait & Landscape and an Elegant Outer Frame.

This is the Frame for the moms who prefer a touchscreen to navigate as well as having a more compact size for placing anywhere in the house

Check out the whole collection including 7 inch, 10 inch, 14 inch sizes


Sungale Digital Photo Frames

If mom likes something more simple, we also have the regular Digital Photo Frame that work with SD cards, USB Drives and some models even have internal storage.

14 inch Full Multimedia: Mothers Day Special $96

Remote Control, Collage – USB, SD cards and Internal Storage

This frame is a great choice if your mom loves seeing a collage of multiple photos on the screen at the same time. This is our only model that includes that feature and what makes this frame special. Besides having a collage, it's also our largest non-WiFi model coming in at 14 inch HD display.

So if mom likes to see her photos in a collage or just wants a large display...

this is the model she'd love to have


8 inch Full Multimedia: Mothers Day Special $44

Remote control – USB, SD cards and Internal Storage

If mom wants something that's not too big, but can play music with her photos, then this model is the mom for her. Playing her favorite songs with her favorite photos will definitely put a smile on her face. It also can play video.

For the moms who want something small, but can play music with the photos


7 inch Photo Only: Mothers Day Special $37.60

Built-in Stand – USB and SD Cards

Our smallest model at 7 inch display as well as our most affordable option and the built-in stand really makes setup simple. This frame only plays photos from SD cards or USB drives.

This is the quick and easy gift for Mom - not too expensive and simple to operate

Check out our full Digital Photo Frame Line-up Here


All our Accessories (minimum $20 purchase)

30% OFF

Whether mom needs some on the go power with a power bank or she loves to hit the gym with some good music with some Bluetooth earbuds, we’ve got the gifts, mom will love.

Portable Power Bank

10,000mAh battery capacity: Mothers Day Special $28

Cables, Wireless Charging, Solar & Flashlight

If mom like to camp, be outdoors or even go on long travel days on a plane, this is the product she'll love to have. With 10,000mAh and an assortment of features, it's like the swiss army knife of power banks. You can't go wrong and she'll keep her phone, tablet and other devices charged up for when she needs them most.

For the mom's who love their electronics and may need power while outdoors or travelling


Bluetooth Earbuds

Q23 5.1 Bluetooth Earbuds: Mothers Day Special $28

Sport Clip-on Design, High-End Audio and Charging Case

If mom loves to hit the gym and wants the best performance for all her activities, these are the earbuds for her. Not only do they have hooks to secure them to her hear, so they won't fall out, but they are also water resistant so she doesn't have to worry about them getting damaged while sweating or outdoors in the rain.

For the mom's who are active and love their sports and exercise routines


Q80 5.3 Bluetooth Earbuds: Mothers Day Special $21

Clip-on bone conduction for the most Comfortable Wear Design

If mom is still working and likes to listen to podcasts, news or even some music while at work, but can still hear and understand everything that's going on around her - including still talking with co-workers or the boss, then these are the earbuds for her. Additional, the clip-on design is so comfortable, that she'll be able to wear them without feeling pain or discomfort.

For the working mom who loves to listen to a variety of things at the office

Check out our full list of Bluetooth Earbuds here:


New Arrivals 20% OFF Deals

We got some new arrivals that just landed in stock. Take advantage and get mom our newest models and enjoy a great discount at the same time.


A23 Portable Jump Starter and Air Compressor: Mothers Day Special $72

Powerful jump starter, Air Compressor/inflator, Flashlight and Power Bank

If you're ever worried about mom, this is the gift she truly will treasure. She'll never be worried about being stranded away from home, and for the mom's who love to help others, she'll always be able to spare a few minutes to help her friends who might need a jump.

For the mom who wants to be safe and never stranded


20,000mAh Portable Power Bank: Mothers Day Special $42

Cables, Wireless Charging, Solar and Flashlight

Even More Power for Mom's Trips & Vacations

We showed our 10,000mAh model above, but If your mom wants top of the line with even more power, this is the model she'll want.

For the mom who wants top-of-the line Power wherever she is


Portable Foldable Wireless Charging Station: Mothers Day Special $48

Keep Mom Charged Up and Clutter Free

Does mom love to keep things organized but also loves her electronics? This wireless charging station provides a seamless and cool design to keep her charged up and wire free. It will be perfect for mom's home office or bedside table to keep everything charged and ready to go.

For the mom who loves her electronics and wants the simple way to keep them charged up


G3 Internet Radio: Mothers Day Special $112

Streaming Music, Internet Radio, Podcast & More

Let Mom Enjoy Her Music At Home

Whether mom enjoys Pandora, Spotify or has a favorite radio station, she'll be able to listen to the best music in crystal clear stereo from around the world in her room while she's relaxing. Also, with the built-in battery, she radio is portable enough to carry to the kitchen and play her favorite music while cooking for the family - definitely some great entertainment.

For the mom who loves her music and audio entertainment in the home


Q81 5.2 Bluetooth Earbuds w/ charging case: Mothers Day Special $18.40

If your mom loves earbuds, but you are not exactly sure what she wants, these earbuds are the perfect gift. They will let her enjoy on-the-go, during a workout, and they'll produce perfect stereo sound... They are extremely affordable too.

The affordable earbuds for mom that has everything she might want


Check out the rest of our products here:

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