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Always have Power On Standby with Sungale’s Line of Backup Power Devices!

Whether at home, on the road, or in a remote area, everyone at some point has had that helpless feeling of having no power to charge a smartphone, iPad, or other device needed to get you out of a sticky situation such as a power outage or a dead car battery. Get some peace of mind, knowing you’ll be ready to take on such situations, with Sungale’s line of backup power devices. Whether with a portable power station to utilize in a power outage, a folding solar panel to power up a smartphone while on a hike or campout, or a jump starter to quickly get your car back on the road, we have your back!

Portable Backup Power Supply - T101
Have backup power for your electronic devices ready to go whenever or wherever needed!

With the Alpha Digital portable power station, you won’t have to worry about not having any power readily available for your smartphone, laptop, or other devices, in situations like power outages or in remote settings like campouts, where electricity isn’t readily available. With a battery capacity of 42,000 mAh and multiple ports and outlets, you’ll have plenty of juice to charge multiple devices at once to get them charged and going sooner than later.


About the size of a cookie jar, in addition to charging devices, this lightweight portable power station features an LCD screen so you’ll know exactly how much power is available, a bright flashlight to light up the night, and to recharge the power station itself, a wall charger and car charger are included as well.



Use the power of the sun to charge your favorite devices anywhere and everywhere!

With Alpha Digital’s folding solar panel charger, you can charge your devices directly, from anywhere and everywhere, using the sun’s UV rays. Simply unfold and open so that all four solar panels are under sunlight and connect a device to one of the three available ports/outlets (DC/USB/USB-C) and start charging it.

Adding to its versatility, the durable waterproof solar panel charger offers an assortment of interchangeable plug sizes, to charge a wide variety of electronic devices. When not in use, it folds up to the size of a binder and can be easily tucked away into a backpack or briefcase.  Charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, and more, using the power of the sun.


Additionally, the T101 power station can be paired and recharged with the Alpha Digital Solar Panel, sold separately or as a bundle!

10000mAh Power Bank - A10
Never flag down someone or call for roadside assistance to jump start your car again!

All drivers at some point have had their vehicle batteries die and needed a jump start. Either you needed to have someone pull up their car beside yours and connect jumper cables or you called for a roadside assistance service to come and waited as long as 30 minutes for them to show up to jump start your vehicle. You can now do it all on your own, using the Alpha Digital A10 vehicle jump starter. No more calling and no more waiting!


With a peak current of 800A, this small but mighty just starter can start virtually any vehicle including trucks, RV’s, boats, tractors and more! The jump starter offers loads of protection including Reverse Charge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Charge Protection, Over Discharge Protection, Reverse Connection Protection, and more. For emergency situations, with a 10,000 mAh capacity, the battery pack also doubles as a power bank to charge some of your electronic devices. When not in use, simply tuck it away in its included storage case and store in your vehicle’s glove compartment or trunk. Feel assured in knowing you are prepared should you ever need to jump start your vehicle!


Looks good and working awesome! Thanks so small but pack a punch good job!


Its the perfect size to travel. Thank you wish!


It looks and works as Described.


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Just as described works great!


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