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Recycling Program

Sungale Product Support


Sungale Recycling Program

In an effort to protect our environment, Sungale offers a recycling program to dispose of Sungale branded digital photo frame products at no charge! If you live in the states of Texas, New York, Washington, and Illinois, and need to recycle a Sungale brand digital photo frames, please follow these steps:


Step One: Verify if your product is a Sungale-branded product, please look for the Sungale logo.


Step Two: Call the Sungale Product Support line and request a recycling request form by calling 800-473-5156 or emailing Form will be sent via email.


Step Three: Fill out the form and email it back to Sungale. Please be as specific and complete as possible as any incomplete or withheld required information may delay processing.


Step Four: Sungale will provide a shipping label. Place the tablet in a shippable package, affix the label to the package, and ship it. Thank you for your continued commitment to Sungale products!

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