Sungale Digital Photo Frame Series

Easy Setup, Auto Slide Show, Plug and Play, Best Gifts

Digital Photo Frames have been a cornerstone in Sungale’s product line since its inception.  Whether as a leading OEM manufacturer and supplier for other brands or under the Sungale brand itself, from research and development all the way down to the finished product, digital photo frames have been in Sungale’s wheelhouse for years. This is why you can trust Sungale to deliver the best in quality and performance when it comes to digital photo frames. Want more reasons? Consider the following:

-Sungale offers a variety of display sizes between 7 and 14-inch frames

-Choose between more cost affective photo only frames or more versatile photo/music/video frames

-Display content from USB flash drives and SD cards or for added access, choose frames that offer internal storage

-Remote Controls are available on some Sungale frames.

-Budget-friendly options make Sungale digital photo frames ideal Mothers Day, birthday, or December holiday gifts!


Step1: Plug the power

Once connected to power, the frame screen should automatically begin

power on.

Step2: Insert USB drive or SD card

Insert a USB flash drive or SD/SDHC card into the frame. Remember it can up to 32GB.

Step3: Ready to play

The Photos will automatic Slideshow, and play multiple functions by short buttons.


Best gift for your loved ones

Sungale digital photo frame is perfect for everyone on your list, especially parents and grandparents. It is the best choice for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding, Christmas and New Year gifts.


Automatic Slideshow

Insert a USB flash drive or SD card up to 32GB into your frame, the frame will automatically play photos in slideshow mode. Slideshow style can be configured to play photos in various display and transition.


Taken as an Advertising player

Place the frame on any counter surface or mount the frame on the wall, it can be used for business display easily, such as in bank counter, restaurant, meeting rooms, convenient store, gas station, chain store, hotel etc.


USB drive and SD card support

Supports SD/SDHC cards and USB flash drives up to 32GB.

Simply insert SD/SDHC card or a USB flash drive, and you can easily access and play your favorite photos, videos, music.


Short Buttons

With clearly marked buttons and a comfortable shape, it easy to  operating the photo frame .


Built-in 4GB memory 

Transfer and store files quickly and easily from your personal computer to the frame's 4GB built-in memory with hi-speed USB 2.0.    

Full Function Digital Photo Frames

Display Photos, add background music, or play videos. That’s the definition of a full-function digital photo frame and these do just that. Whether you plug in an SD card or USB flash drive (up to 32GB) or transfer your files onto the built-in storage, these frames will show them. Additional features and functions include a remote control for easy navigation, a calendar, an alarm clock function, and more. Relive your memories by showing them on Sungale’s full-function digital photo frames.

Photo Only Digital Photo Frames

Sungale also offers more budget-friendly digital photo frames which simply display photos, as a photo frame should, while eliminating less necessary features, to display slideshows, without breaking the bank. Coming in an array of sizes (7-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch), whether you’re looking for gift ideas for family or friends, or simply want to add some elegant tech to your home or office, look to these frames to get the job done. Simply plug in an SD card or USB flash drive (up to 32GB) and you’re on your way to displaying your favorite photos!

7 Inch Display
8 Inch Display
10 Inch Display
14 Inch Display
Back Controls
Remote Control
USB Port
Internal Storage
Wall Mountable