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Sungale Help Center

  • Why is my internet radio not turning on?
    Firstly, check to make sure the battery has been charging for a sufficient amount of time. When turning on the internet radio, press and hold the power button. If it doesn’t turn on or a battery symbol appears, release the power button, wait 3 seconds, and press and hold the power button again. You know the internet radio is on when “Sungale” is displaying on the screen, which means it is booting.
  • How do I connect my internet radio to my Wi-Fi network?
    From the home screen, select the green circle titled “Settings”. On the following menu, select the orange rectangle titled “Settings”. Once in the settings, check to make sure the Wi-Fi is set in the “On” position and press “Wi-Fi”. The Wi-Fi menu will then list available Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity. Look for and select your Wi-Fi network, use the keyboard on the screen to enter the Wi-Fi network’s password, select “done” and then select “Connect”. The internet radio is connected to your network when “Connected” is appearing below your Wi-Fi network.
  • I only see 1 or 2 apps shown in the category I selected. Can I add more?
    YES! Above the 2 apps, at the top of the screen, you will see an image with "+ Add More". Select it and a backup list will appear with all of the available apps that can be added. Select the desired app and follow the prompts to proceed accordingly. Once downloaded and installed, you will be asked if you want to open the app. The app will also appear in the category with the previously installed apps.
  • What is the difference between the “Streaming Music” and “Internet Radio” categories?
    Streaming music is music content that is continuously fed or can be downloaded through the internet to listen to whenever you want through the app. The internet radio category is basically the same radio stations you listen to in the car or on traditional radios, only the feed is coming through the internet instead of airwaves or frequencies. In addition to music, these can be talk radio, sports, or other any other types of radio stations. If you have a favorite radio station, find out if it is available on an app and which app(s) provide it (i.e. TuneIn, IHeartRadio, etc.)
  • Do apps require subscriptions?
    Although most apps will not require a subscription just to access them, some will require a subscription to stop ads or grant a broader availability of features or content. All subscriptions and fees are set forth and collected by the developers of the apps. Sungale provides these apps on the internet radio for the sole purpose of providing more content options for its customers and does NOT charge any fees, nor does it earn any commissions from fees for any subscriptions required by apps.
  • How long does the internet radio’s battery last per charge?
    The battery has a storage capacity of 2000 mAh. There isn’t an exact amount of time, as it depends on how much the internet radio is used. If the screen is continuously displaying while playing music throughout, it will not last as long as it simply being idle. To ensure a charge lasts longer and helps increase battery life, it is strongly recommended that the internet radio be powered off when not in use, even when plugged in and charging.
  • How do I reset my internet radio?
    From the home screen, select the green circle titled “Settings”. On the following screen, select the orange rectangle titled “Settings”. Once in the settings, scroll down until you see “System” toward the bottom and select it. Then select “Advanced” and “Reset Options”. On the following screen, select “Erase all data (factory reset)” and on the final screen select “Erase all data” and the reset process should then start. NOTE: Resetting your internet radio will erase all downloaded apps, content, and settings.
  • When I turn on my internet radio, it keeps showing “Sungale” on the screen and nothing else. What do I do?
    You will need to do a hard reset of the internet radio. To do so, please contact Sungale Customer Service for detailed instructions at
  • Why is my internet radio not allowing me to install an app from the backup list?
    Although the internet radio allows for the installation of several apps, it will eventually reach a space limit based on the size of the app. If a message appears that there is not enough space to install an app, consider removing/uninstalling an app that you don’t like or don’t use, and then try installing your desired app again.
  • How do I uninstall an app I don’t use or don’t want?
    Press and hold your finger on the app’s icon and a window will pop, asking if you want to “Remove this app from the list?” Select “Yes” and the app will be uninstalled
  • How to register a Sungale cloud account?
    You can either register on the Sungale Cloud app (free to download on iOS or Android), or register on the Sungale Cloud web portal – Either way works the same. Here is how to register on the Sungale cloud app. 1. Download the free Sungale Cloud app (available on App Store and Google Play store) 2. Open the Sungale cloud app and tab “Create an account” link. Fill in your basic information, click “Create Account”. 3. The next screen will ask if you want to activate your cloud frame right away, if you choose to activate it now, please fill in your cloud frame serial number (click here if you need help finding it), and a few purchase information, then tap the button underneath. 4. And you’re done with registering a cloud account and activating your frame. You will receive a verification email from Sungale to validate your email address, please click the link in the email to finish the verification. If you don’t receive the email, tap on the red words to send the email again, or contact us at Here is how to register a cloud account on the Sungale cloud web portal - 1. Log on Sungale cloud website with any web browser, click on the “Sign up” link in the upper right corner, then click “Activate your cloud product” 2. You’ll be prompted to provide your cloud frame serial number, as well as some basic personal information, click “Register”. 3. And your cloud account is registered, and your cloud frame is activated. Meanwhile, you’ll receive a verification email from Sungale, simply click the link in the email to finish the validation. If you get any issues with the verification, please email us at to further assist.
  • Can I register a Sungale cloud account for free? Do I have to have a Sungale cloud frame?
    Anyone can register for a Sungale cloud account for free, and you’ll gain 5GB of free cloud storage upon registration. You can use the free account to group with your family or friend’s cloud account, and send photos to their cloud frames. When you later have your own cloud frame, you can connect it to your account later.
  • How to remove cloud photos from my frame?
    If you’re using the Sungale cloud app: If you’re using the Sungale web portal –
  • How do I connect my cloud frame to my existing cloud account? / How do I activate my cloud frame later?
    Login to your Sungale cloud app, tab “Manage Frame” from the menu bar, and you can see “Activate My Cloud Frame” interface as below, tab on the icon and enter your cloud frame serial number and purchase information, and your cloud frame is connected to your cloud account. You can send your cloud album photos to your cloud frame.
  • What to do when I didn’t receive a verification/activation email?
    Please email, we’ll help you verify your account manually.
  • What to do when my account verification link is expired?
    Please email, we’ll help you verify your account manually.
  • How to reset my account password?
    Please use the “Forgot Password” link on the Sungale cloud app, a reset password email will be sent out to you. You can also contact for assistance.
  • How to update my cloud account email?
    The cloud account email cannot be changed after registration, if you need to make a change, please contact, we will help you.
  • I tried to register, but it says frame already registered, help!
    Please find your frame model number and serial number, contact, we’ll help you remove previous registration. The model number is usually printed on the back of your frame, or on the product package. The serial number can be found after you power on your cloud frame, click here on how to find a serial number.
  • I tried to register, but it says invalid serial number, help!
    First of all, do not try to register regular digital photo frames, they do not need to and cannot be registered on the Sungale cloud. Second, please find your frame's correct serial number after powering on your cloud frame, click the Cloud Album section, and a user registration box will show up which has the serial number starting with SU…. Or you can go to system settings, about the device.
  • Can I put multiple frames under my account?
    No. Each cloud frame needs to have its own dedicated cloud account to receive the free cloud storage. If you have multiple cloud frames, please register them separately, then connect the accounts as a group, and you can have the freedom to send photos from either account to all frames. Click here on how to form a group.
  • How to upload photos to the Sungale cloud?
    You can upload photos via the Sungale cloud app, or the web portal –, either way, works the same. Please login to your Sungale cloud app, tap on “Manage Album” from the menu options, and tab on the + on the top right corner to create an album first. A popup box will show up, please give the album a name, letters only no special characters, then Submit, a successful message will pop up, and your newly created album will show as first on the screen. Tab on the album cover to enter the album, then tap on the bottom button “Upload photos”. If it’s the first time you’re using the Sungale cloud app, you will be asked for permission to access your phone photos, please allow access. You will be able to choose photos from your phone, choose up to 9 photos, then tap “Done” on the top right corner. You’ll see the photos you’ve picked on the following screen, tab “Upload Photos” button, the upload process will start and go back to your album screen. You can view/delete your album photos here, or repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more photos to this album. If you need to go to other albums, please tab “Manage Album” on the menu option. Here’s how to upload photos via the Sungale web portal – 1. Log in to the web portal by clicking “Sign In” on the top right corner. 2. Click “Manage Album” from the left navigation, pick an album you’d like to upload your photos or create a new album by clicking the “Add New Album” button and enter a name for the new album, click the OK button. 3. Hover on the album you’d like to upload photos and click the “Manage Album” button. 4. If the album is empty, click the cloud image to bring up the upload box, otherwise click the “Add New Photos” button 5. The upload box will pop up, click the “Add Photos” button to choose photos, choose then click the “Start All” button to start uploading and click “Close” when all photos are uploaded. Note, you can upload up to 9 photos at a time, and repeat steps 4 and 5.
  • How to send photos to my cloud frame?
    If you don’t have any cloud albums and photos uploaded, please click here on how to upload photos to Sungale cloud. If you’re using the Sungale cloud app, log in to your account, tap on “Manage Album” from the menu options, and you’ll see all your cloud albums. Tab on the settings icon of a cloud album, and select “Push to Cloud Frame”, choose which cloud frame you’d like to push to, and tap the button at the bottom. Now the cloud album will appear on your cloud frame shortly. If you’re using the Sungale Cloud web portal, log in to your account, click Manage Album on the left navigation bar, and hover over the album cover that you’d like to send to your frame, click the “Push to Cloud Frame” button.
  • How to put another frame under my account? How do group another frame?
    If you’re using the Sungale cloud app : If you’re using the Sungale web portal – : 1. Log in to your cloud frame account, click "Manage Grouping" from the left navigation, and click the "Invite join group" picture. An input box will show up, ask your friend's / family's cloud frame account email, and put in this box, click the OK button. 2. The other frame's icon will show up on your manage grouping page in grey, waiting for the other party's approval. Meanwhile, a notification email will send to the person you've invited, reminding him/her to review your grouping request. 3. If the other party agrees to join your group, the other frame's icon will show up in active status on your manage grouping page. You can send your pictures to that frame, and continue reading the below article about how to do that. NOTE, each frame can group with 3 other frames.
  • How to send photos to my grandma’s cloud frame?
    If your grandma shared her cloud frame account with you, you can just log in with her account, upload photos, and send cloud albums to her frame. If you already have your own cloud account, you can put your grandma’s cloud frame in your group, click here for instructions. And you can send cloud albums to grandma’s frame directly.
  • Why cloud pictures are not showing on my frame?
    There could be different reasons. First check your frame has a good Wi-Fi connection, go to the Online Video section on your cloud frame, click the + sign in the corner, and see if you’re able to bring up a list of backlist apps. As long as your Wi-Fi connection is good, expect to receive photos you have sent from the app or web portal shortly. Also, check if you’ve sent any cloud albums/photos to your frame. Login to your Sungale cloud app, go to “Manage Frames”, and tab your cloud frame icon, the next screen will show all the albums that have been pushed to your frame, if you haven’t pushed any cloud albums, follow this instruction to send some.
  • Why my cloud frame turns off every now and then?
    There is a sleep setting for cloud frames to protect the frame from running too long, which turns off the screen after idling too long. You can adjust to your desired value on the Frame Settings page.
  • Why my frame is not showing the correct time?
    If you find the weather/location panel showing with your slide show has incorrect information, please contact us at to manually fix it from the server-side. If it’s your frame clock time being incorrect, please go to Settings, find “Date & time” in the System setting, and manually adjust it to the correct value.
  • Why is my frame weather panel showing the wrong location?
    The weather panel location, weather, and date-time information are retrieved from the server-side, if you find it is incorrect, please contact us at to manually fix it.
  • What to do when my cloud frame won’t power on?
    Please make sure the proper power cord is used with your frame, if for any reason the screen stays black, contact us at to re-install the system or replace your unit.
  • My remote control cursor is flying around on the screen, how to fix it?
    If your remote control cursor keeps floating away, please re-calibrate it as follows. 1. Remove all batteries from the remote control, leave the battery compartment open, and leave the USB sensor in the battery compartment. 2. On your remote control, press down and hold the left and right buttons together, in the meantime, put the batteries back in. 3. Don't release the left and right buttons, you should see the light on the remote control flashes quickly. 4. Now place the remote control on a flat surface, and release the left and right buttons. 5. When you see the light on the remote control become steady green, press the OK button once and release it, the light will go off, and the remote control will go into auto-calibrate mode. 6. Don't touch the remote control, wait for around 5 seconds, the light on the remote control will flash slowly for 10 times, then go off. This means your remote control is successfully calibrated, you can put back the battery compartment, and plug in the USB sensor on your frame to use it.
  • My remote control light is flashing and cannot operate the frame
    The remote needs to have a solid green light to work normally. If the batteries are new, and the remote control light is still flashing, it needs to be reset with the sensor. 1. Plug in the remote control sensor to your frame 2. Hold the OK and back buttons on your remote control for 2 seconds, you'll see the light flash 3 times and become solid green, which means you've successfully reset your remote control.
  • How to find my frame serial number?
    On your frame, go to Settings, then go into system setting, scroll down to find “About device”, on the following screen scroll to the bottom to show Serial Number, it is a string containing numbers and upper case letters, starting with "SU".
  • How to slide show photos from Dropbox?
    Logon to Dropbox, save the Dropbox pictures to local memory, then slide show from local photos.
  • Can I upload videos to my frame?
    No, we don’t support video upload at this moment. But you can access videos via the Local Video section, load your video files into an SD card, insert the card into your cloud frame and enjoy them from Local Video.
  • Why my frame is not responding to operation?
    Please make sure you’re operating the right way. For larger screen models, you have to use included remote control, make sure you’ve installed 2 AAA batteries, find the mini receiver in the back of the battery compartment, and attach it to the cloud frame. For smaller screen models, it’s a touch screen.
  • How to remove cloud photos from my frame?
    If you’re using the Sungale cloud app If you’re using the Sungale web portal –
  • What sizes do your display units come in?
    We have standalone digital signage models, comes in 7", 10", 14", and 19". We also have a TV box solution that can connect to display screens through an HDMI port, the sizes can vary from 21" to 42".
  • Do you have a demo for me to see the website features before I buy?
    Yes, please reach out to for digital signage demo account information.
  • Do you offer a free trial of the digital signage service? How long is the free trial?
    Yes, you have a free trial of 30 days from the day you sign up for your digital signage account.
  • How much does your digital signage service charge?
    Sungale offers the most cost-effective digital signage service. We offer a free trial period. If you’d like to continue after the trial period, we charge a monthly fee of $0.99 per month per unit, which covers 20GB of cloud storage for each account, free unlimited upload streaming, and free 5GB download streaming. If download streaming is over 5GB, the charging rate is $0.09/GB.
  • Why are the contents not showing on my digital signage units?
    Digital signage units need to have a Wi-Fi connection to receive updates from the server. If your unit is not updating contents, please check the Wi-Fi connection on your unit. The first thing to try is to reboot your unit, then go to Settings, turn off then turn on Wi-Fi, and make sure Wi-Fi is connected. Also, double-check the connection is good by opening the web browser to open any webpage. Some content folders are set to play at a certain time of day only, make sure the scheduled play time is met for such folders. If your Wi-Fi setting and connection are all good, try clearing the local cache to have your unit re-download everything from the server. Here’s how, go to settings, click APPs, swipe left to show ALL APPs, look for app name "Digital Signage", click it, then click the "clear cache" button. Your unit with go back to the home screen and start a fresh download of the entire playlist.
  • I have trouble connecting to the hotspot Wi-Fi network.
    Some public or hotspot Wi-Fi network needs to go through a webpage to establish a connection. Such a network cannot be used for the initial setup of digital signage units. Please find a simple network that can connect without a webpage to finish the initial setup, once initialization is done on your unit, you can switch the Wi-Fi setting to any network.
  • How to go to Settings on my digital signage units?
    If you have CPF1068 or CPF791 digital signage units, which are touch screen models, bring up the control button bar by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen, and keep pressing the vol- button several times, and the system setting screen will show up. If you have CPF1909, CPF1503, or KWS759, simply press the "menu" button on the remote control – the up curving button and the system setting screen will show up.
  • How to set up remote control?
    Open the battery compartment of the remote control, remove the USB mini receiver from the battery cover, and plug it into your digital signage unit.
  • Can I use the digital signage units without Wi-Fi? What happens if my units lose or re-connect to Wi-Fi?
    The digital signage units need to communicate with the server for initialization and to receive updates. Your units do need to have a solid Wi-Fi connection to finish the initial setup and to receive updates. If you lose connection somewhat, your units will continue to display already downloaded contents, just won’t receive updates. Meanwhile, your units will try to re-connect Wi-Fi in the background, if the connection is recovered, it’ll resume regular communication with the server, and download content updates when available.
  • How to hide/show the control bar?
    This only applies to CPF1068 and CPF791. To hide the control bar, touch the downward button to hide. Swipe upwards from the screen bottom to bring back the control bar.
  • How far away can the unit be from my WiFi internet access point?
    This depends on your Wi-Fi signal strength. You can tell signal strength on your digital signage unit's Wi-Fi setting screen.
  • How to update the firmware on my digital signage units?
    Please reach out to to check for system update assistance.
  • How long will the content start play after I sent it from the website?
    It depends on your unit's Wi-Fi network speed, and the content size you sent. Your digital signage units communicate with the server every minute, as long as your units are connected to Wi-Fi, they will detect updates minute, start downloading updates at your Wi-Fi speed and start playing new content as soon as each new content is fully downloaded.
  • How many photos/videos can each display unit play?
    The answer varies case by case, depending on the size of the contents. The built-in memory of the digital signage unit is 8GB, after the necessary system and apps, about 5.5GB of internal storage is left, that’s over 5000 pictures or 500 videos, suppose the average photo file size is 1MB, video file size 10MB.
  • Can digital signage units play video files?
    Yes. Sungale Digital Signage units can play video files in MP4 format, music files in MP3 format, and picture files in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • How do I remove old files from my display unit and update them with new files?
    You need to make the change on the digital signage service website, login to your account, click "Manage Signage" on the top navigation bar, and locate and click on the unit you’d like to make a change, on the following page, at the Play List Info table, click the Remove x button. Your unit will pick up the update shortly (make sure the Wi-Fi connection on the unit is good).
  • I have an issue registering my digital signage unit/account.
    For any issue regarding activation code or adding a digital signage unit to your account, please contact, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • How much cloud storage does my account have?
    You get 20GB of free cloud storage.
  • What size image do I use so it appears on the display units in full screen?
    It varies by different digital signage display units, 16:9 width to height ratio is recommended for full-screen display.
  • How large of a video/photo/music file can I upload? How much content can I upload to each folder?
    The digital signage service platform has a single file size limit of 150MB. In addition, there is a content folder size limit of 250MB and 10 minutes time. So it’s up to you how to organize your content. It’s recommended to consider your display units’ Wi-Fi condition before uploading contents, if the Wi-Fi connection isn’t very fast, it’s better to break it down to smaller files, so your display units can start playing new contents sooner.
  • I cannot log in to my account/ forgot my password.
    You can reset your account password by clicking the Forgot password link on the login page, or contact for more help.
  • How to change the email address for my account?
    Please contact to update your account login email. You can update the contact person email in the digital signage web portal, go to the settings page. If you need to update your digital signage account email, please contact us at to update.
  • How to play content in a certain order?
    You can designate content order on the folder management page. After logging in to the digital signage service platform, go to the "Manage Content" page, choose a folder and click the "Manage Folder" button. On the folder detail page, you can adjust individual file play orders.
  • How to play folders in a certain order?
    You cannot designate folder play order. The digital signage displays units’ play folders in the order of downloaded time, whichever folder finished downloaded first, will start playing first. So you can arrange folder play order by pushing them one by one, after one folder is fully downloaded on your unit, then push another folder.
  • How many display units can I add to my account?
    There’s no hard limit, you can add as many units as you want to your account.
  • When I change the content in the folder that I have already sent, do I need to send that folder again or will it update automatically?
    If a folder has already been pushed to your display unit, any change within that folder will automatically be updated to your display units, you do not need to push the folder again.
  • How to schedule content to display at certain times of the day?
    You can designate play time of each folder. After login into the digital signage service platform, go to the "Manage Content" page, and you can see a list of folders that you created, next to the "Manage Folder" button, is the "Display Time" setting button, by default it’s "N/A". If you’d like to set to a certain time period of the day for the folder to play, click the "N/A" button, and a popup setting box will show up. And you can select or set up a new playtime for this folder
  • How can I manage music play? How will music play with other content?
    You can upload an MP3 music file in any folder, and the music file will play as background music during a photo slideshow. Music will loop from the beginning when the sequence of photos finishes the slide show.
  • How do I label my digital signage units?
    You can set an alias for all your display units in any manner that’s easier for you to identify them. After login into the digital signage service platform, go to the "Manage Signage" page, choose a unit and click the "Manage" link at the end of the list, on the following page, you can update the Alias setting for that unit and save the setting.
  • How do I remove a digital signage unit from my account?
    You can temporarily remove a unit from your account, and all pushed contents will be removed from that unit. You can do this by login into the digital signage service platform, going to the "Manage Signage" page, choosing a unit and clicking the "Manage" link, and clicking "disconnect" on the following page. If you’d like to completely remove a unit from your account, please contact
  • What does the "Connected" or "Not Connected" status mean under the manage signage page?
    The digital signage units communicate with the server periodically to check for updates. The "Connected" and "Not Connected" status under the "Manage Signage" page shows if a unit is communicating with the server, and implies a unit Wi-Fi connection status. The status may not be real-time, but if you see the status of a unit is constantly "Not Connected", it’s better to check the unit powering and connection status.
  • What does the "Connected" or "Not Connected" status mean under the manage signage page?
    The digital signage units communicate with the server periodically to check for updates. The "Connected" and "Not Connected" status under the "Manage Signage" page shows if a unit is communicating with the server, and implies a unit Wi-Fi connection status. The status may not be real-time, but if you see the status of a unit is constantly "Not Connected", it’s better to check the unit powering and connection status.
  • Why the current location is not showing correctly under the "manage signage" page?
    The "Current Location" information can only be feedback when a unit is communicating with the server. If a unit is powered off or lost a Wi-Fi connection, the digital signage service platform cannot display correct location information. When a unit has restored a Wi-Fi connection and is communicating with the server, the location should be updated shortly.
  • What is upload streaming, or download streaming? Can I check my usage?
    Upload streaming means contents uploaded from your computer to the cloud server, download streaming means contents your units download from the cloud server. For instance, you upload several pictures to a folder, and the folder size comes to 1 Gigabyte, this generates 1 GB upload streaming. Then you pushed the folder to all of your devices, each device needs to download 1GB of pictures, then it generates 3 GB of download streaming. You can check your current monthly usage on the billing management page.

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