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Sungale Digital Signage is Designed to be your Go-To Easy Solution to the world of Digital Display Advertising and communication

The Sungale Digital Signage solution is what every business needs when they are looking for a simple way to communicate and share their Messages, Advertisements, Notices, Images, Videos or Menus with their customers or staff. Whether you are a small Mom & Pop owned restaurant that just needs one display to showcase your special offers or a National Retail Chain comprised of a 1000 or more locations looking to setup a network of displays, Sungale’s Digital Signage system has the equipment and software solution that simply works.

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Easy Setup
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Easy installation
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Easy Operation
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Various sizes
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Unlimited Uses 
Easy Setup

The Sungale Digital Signage is very easy to setup. All that is required is a computer for registation, and a WiFi connection for each Digital Signage Display. Fill in some basic info, connect, add your serial number to your account and you’re done.

Simple Operation

As long as the display has an internet connection, you’ll be able to control the content from anywhere. Just log in to the Digital Signage Portal Website, create a folder – upload content – send it to your display. Within minutes the display is playing your photos or video files.

Various Sizes Available

The display and size you need are unique to your business. That’s why we offer a range of sizes starting with our smaller 7-inch and 10-inch displays.

If you need a little bigger, our 14-inch and 19-inch screen sizes are available, which bring a new level to display your message to the world.

Need something larger? We got you covered with our Digital Signage Display box, which allows you to connect to a larger TV screen. We also offer our combo packages, which come with the Digital Signage Display box and a 32-inch TV.

Easy Installation

Installing our digital signage in your business shouldn’t be complicated, and neither are our displays. You can choose to setup on the tabletop by installing the included stand or Wall Mount them and have them display on the Wall.

Endlessly Scalable

No matter how many screens you need, our system can handle it. There’s no limit to the amount of screens you can setup on an account, or the number of accounts you can create and manage. Need help figuring out the best configuration for your business? Send us a message and our team of experts will go through your project and make recommendations that are best suited for what you need.

The Most Affordable

Many businesses expect to spend a huge investment when considering a digital signage solution. Our product disrupts the market by giving you a high quality display, a low monthly fee and reasonably priced hardware for a total price range of $100 to $300.

Unlimited Uses

No matter what you need to use Digital Signage for, we have the solution for you.

Hotel & Casinos
Retail Stores & Car Dealerships
Gas Stations
Small Local Shop
Product Brand display
Event Shows
How hard is it to Setup?

Setup is not complicated. It will take about 5 minutes to register, power on the screen, and upload and see your first piece of content playing on the screen.

How easy is it to send content?

You just have to upload photos, videos or music that is located on your computer’s hard drive. Once it is stored in a folder under your account, you can send the folder to the screen to display.

What type of content can the devices display?

The devices can play popular formats of images, MP4 Video, and MP3 Audio files.

How much storage is available for my account?

Each account is given 20GB of free cloud storage. Each piece of content can be a maximum of 250MB and each folder can run up to 10 minutes.

How does the content Play on the display? How long do I have to wait for my screen to start displaying content? Does it need a continuous internet connection?

Content will play in a continuous loop. It usually takes about a minute for content to be downloaded and updated on the screen, but larger files will take longer. A constant internet connection is not required to play content because the content will be stored in the display's internal memory, but it is needed for any updates to what you want to display. Content will display in full screen as long as it matches the screen resolution.

How Secure and Safe are the software and devices?

Your content is stored in the cloud with secure Datacenters located in the USA that are 100% compliant with following all the latest security standards and policies.

Does the Digital Signage only work with WiFi?

The screen displays only have a WiFi option, but if you prefer Ethernet cable, the Digital Signage Display box comes with both WiFi and Ethernet connection.

Do I need any special training? Can I operate from any computer? Can multiple members in the company operate?

Our system is designed to be simple and no special training is required. Once logged into the portal, there are prompts and guides to help explain what to do at each step. You just have to have the image or video you want to display located on your computer and the rest is easy.


Anyone in the company who has the login credentials can operate.

What special features are available on Sungale Digital Signage?

There’s an option called “display time”, where you can schedule a time of day where a specific folder of content will play during that time. After the time expires, it will go back to the normal loop of content. This is useful for displaying time-sensitive promotions, lunch or dinner specials, or if you know that you want to communicate a specific message to employees during a break time period.

Would Digital Signage work for my business?

Digital Signage can work for any business that needs to communicate a message to either customers or employees. It allows you to easily update the message in real-time so that you are more efficient with your time and environmentally friendly so you don’t have to constantly throw away old marketing material or staff communications.

If this sounds like something you use, than the Sungale Digital Signage system is a good affordable investment for your business.

How much does it cost?

In addition to the cost of the hardware, we charge a monthly fee. This is typically a $.99 per month/unit cost + a streaming fee of $.09 per GB over 5GB.

Cloud Streaming cost explained:


Cloud Streaming is when you send a piece of content from the Cloud to your display. We give you 5GB of Cloud streaming free, but after that, you will be charged a minimal fee.

Monthly Fee example:


For an account with 10 displays, you will have our standard fee of 10 x $.99 = $9.90

How to calculate Cloud Streaming Usage?

Our system automatically calculates what your current usage is, so you just need to log in and view the billing section. Generally, if you have 10 displays and the folder is pushed to the 10 displays that have 10MB of content, just calculate as below:

Image showing the automatic calculations

10 UNITS X 10MB = 100MB of cloud streaming


Most accounts stay within the 5GB limit, but if you plan to order a large number of displays send us a message so we can see if you qualify for a special rate.

How often am I billed?

Your account will be placed on a recurring monthly subscription charged to a credit card, but you can opt to pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance if you prefer to pay by check or wire transfer.

Why should I buy Sungale Digital Signage?

Sungale is an established company with offices located in Southern California and with dedicated staff to assist with any question or assistance you may need. We have a proven track record of innovation and quality, and our price structure is unbeatable.

When looking at some of the competition in the market, they are overly complex and extremely expensive to purchase. That may work for some businesses, but we understand it’s for everyone and that’s why we made it a goal to bring a top quality industry product to the market without all the expenses and complexities that go along with it.


When you order the Sungale Digital Signage System, you can have peace of mind knowing that a team member and dedicated account manager located in the USA will be there to get answers and help you with your most important questions fast. If there is a problem with your Digital Signage, we offer a 1 year warranty where you can get a replacement fast with no major hassles or issues. Decide you want a refund? Order from us directly for the best return policy on the market.

Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority, so we’ll always take care of your needs and do our best to keep you as a satisfied and happy customer.


The Digital Signage Product

Website Portal for managing account

Hand Sanitizer station now available

Take your digital signage to the next level by displaying it with our brand new Hand Sanitizer stand. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, casinos, banks, and anywhere the public may feel a need to have clean hands.

The Stand works with our 14-inch and 19-inch Digital Signage displays. Take your advertising and marketing to the next level by adding this much-needed accessory to your purchase.

The Digital Signage Stand

Built-in hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Stand and Digital Signage Combo

14 inch Digital Signage

19 inch Digital Signage


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