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Eliminate the frequent charging trouble, and immerse yourself in VR worlds. 

Easy to Adjust

The length of the side bar can be easily adjusted through the anti-slip knob, and the tightness of the VR headset can be quickly adjusted, The adjustable top strap ensures a secure fit during intense gaming sessions.


High-quality Material and Durable

The overall frame of the headband is made of reinforced ABS plastic material, which takes into account the characteristics of toughness, durability, and drop resistance. It effectively reduces the risk of cracking during use and greatly extends the life of the head strap. bending over 10000 times without breaking. The adjustable 55° hinge design allows for easy on and off.

Extended Playtime

Head strap with 8000mAh battery for Quest 2, Enjoy your favorite VR games and apps without interruption, providing up to 7 hours of additional playtime. It charges both the head strap and quest 2 at the same time when you plug it in to charge.


Battery Safety Protection

Our VR accessory is equipped with multiple safety protection systems, including overheat protection, overcharge protection, and overvoltage protection, ensuring both you and your Quest 2 are safe while using the product. The indicator light allows you to check the battery level at any time, making charging a breeze.

Lightweight and Portable

The elite strap replacement is easy to install and disassemble and fits perfectly into the official Quest2 carrying case and most carrying cases on the market, making it very easy to carry. Installing this product is easy, slide the Quest 2 Elite strap with battery into place, replacing the original strap for a seamless transition.




Fold Design, Convenient for Carrying and Storage


Comfortable and Secure Fit

ALPHA DIGITAL VR head strap is designed with an ergonomic shape to fit your head comfortably and securely,  it can balance the specific gravity, reduce the pressure on your face and wrap around your head better, so you can enjoy extended VR sessions without any discomfort.


High-quality Material and Durable

ALPHA DIGITAL VR head strap is made with high-quality materials, including TPU silicone and PU leather, for a soft, breathable, and durable design. It also features a detachable and washable sponge pad for easy maintenance.

One-Click Release Button

ALPHA DIGITAL VR head strap features a one-click release function, which allows you to quickly adjust the headset's size using its unique one-click release button at the back. This makes it easier for you to put on and take off, avoiding the hassle and inconvenience of traditional VR head straps, and allowing you to enter the virtual reality world more conveniently.


Improved Weight Distribution

ALPHA DIGITAL VR head strap redistributes the weight of your VR headset from your face to the top of your head, reducing pressure and fatigue on your face and neck. You'll be able to play longer and more comfortably than ever before.

Flexible Adjustable Design and Easy to Install

ALPHA DIGITAL VR head strap is easy to install and adjust to your head size and shape. Simply attach the head strap to the arms on either side of the Oculus headset and insert it as far as possible. The head strap is so secure and dependable that you can use it without worrying about slipping out of place during play. You can get the perfect fit in just a few seconds. With the Flexible Adjustable Design, you can adjust, put on or take off the head strap and check your surroundings easily.

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