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Free Digital Signage Service 2023-2024

Updated: 2 days ago

Want to get your digital signage service PAID BY SUNGALE? Then you are in the right place to learn more! Normally, the Digital Signage monthly service fee is just $.99 per month/ per screen, which is already affordable compared to other options out there, but if you want to get your service paid for – check out the different options below and learn how.

Easiest & Fastest for Free Service: Social Media Sharing

It’s simple – just follow at least one of our Social Media pages on Facebook or Instagram, and post about our digital signage - then use #SungaleDigitalSignage or tag our account.

  • Share 1 photo: 1 month Free Service

  • Share 5 photos on different days or 1 Carrousel image: 2 months Free Service

  • Share 1 – 15 second or longer Video: 3 months free service

Examples of social media posts can include:
  • Open Box Video

  • Using the product in your business – running an image or video on the screen.

  • First impression of the product

  • Showing the website interface – operation

  • A picture installing/setting up the display

  • Come up with your own ideas

You can continue to do this every month, 2 months, or 3 months to continue getting free service.

Our accounts are below for you to easily follow us:




Your Product Experience for Free Service: Amazon Product Review

Did you purchase on Amazon or have an Amazon Account? Go to your order history and locate your purchase.

For reference, you can find our Products on Amazon Here:


Instructions to get your free service:

Write your review – take a screenshot – email us the link to your review as well as the screenshot.

Your Free Service will start the next billing cycle.

Want an extra 1 month? Add pictures or videos to the review and get 4 months of Free Service.

Are you not sure how to share your review link or take a screenshot? Message us for details

Contact Us-Link

Written Product Testimonial:

For this, we’ll either set up a short phone call or email you some questions to answer related to your experience and how you use it. You will also need to provide a few images, so we can have some content to include with the blog article.

Video Product Testimonial:

For this, record yourself talking about the product, how you use it in your business, and any benefits it brings or features you like. Make sure you show the product in your video – either the displays or the website interface. We’ll post this video on our Youtube, other social media channels, and our website.

To share a video you can post on Youtube and share a link or upload it to a cloud storage service where we can download it.

Tell Others About Us - Refer Other Business

Any customer or business you refer – you get rewarded 6 Months of Service

Do you know any business that could use our product? Let us know – we’ll provide you with a coupon code to share with them. For every customer who purchases our product with your coupon, we’ll give you 6 months of paid service. Your referrals will also qualify for an automatic 10% discount and you will qualify for our BEST PRICE if you ever have to purchase hardware in the future.

Free Service Breakdown:

  • Share 1 photo: 1 month Free Service

  • Share 5 photos on different days or 1 Carrousel image: 2 months Free Service

  • Share 1 – 15 second or longer Video: 3 months free service

  • Amazon product review: 3 months Free Service

  • Amazon product review with picture/video: 4 months Free Service

  • Written Product Testimonial: 3 months Free Service

  • Video Product Testimonial: 5 months Free Service

  • Any customer or business you refer: 6 months of Paid Service

Have more questions about how this works? Message us to learn more – Contact Us-Link

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