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Sungale Introduces its latest 14-inch full-function digital photo frame

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

It comes with new features and functions added compared to the previous model, which makes for an easier and more enjoyable user experience.

A “Plus” means “more” or “with the addition of”. So by adding more features and functions to the previous 14-inch digital photo frame (PF1501) and simply adding a plus to the model number, Sungale’s introduction of its latest 14-inch full-function digital photo frame model…aptly PF1501+ – signifies an upgrade.

Although the PF1501 was already a user-friendly frame that already came with convenient features including photo/music/video play capability, stereo speakers, background music option, slideshow transition effect and speed, remote control navigation, external memory inputs, 4GB of internal storage, and calendar/clock/alarm, there is always room for improvements, including this frame.

So what could possibly make PF1501+ better than its predecessor? For starters, functionality. Sungale has added features and functions to make this PF1501+ even more enjoyable than its predecessor:

When users plug in their SD card or USB flash drive with photos into the corresponding port or slot, the photo frame will automatically start a slideshow to display them without the need to push any buttons to prompt it. If audio files are on the storage device, they will start playing along with the slideshow as well.

A random function has been added to the photo settings for slideshows, so that photos will display randomly in mixed order instead of always in the same sequence, thus avoiding having to see the same photos appearing on the frame each and every time it’s turned on as was the case with the previous model.

A collage function has been added so that users can display 1, 2, 3, or 4 photos on the frame at one time.

If users ever need to adjust the settings on the frame, they can easily do so with the push of a button on the included remote control, no matter what is displaying on the frame at that time. Pressing the “OSD” button on the frame’s remote control will directly take user to the settings.

If users want to transfer files from their storage device to the frame’s 4GB of internal storage, it’s quicker and easier than ever. All that needs to be done is plug the storage device into the corresponding port or slot, use the frame’s file manager to locate files on the storage device, and copy them. The frame will then automatically transfer them to its internal storage.

Last but not least, for practicality and convenience, Sungale has added function buttons directly to the side of the frame instead of behind the frame, to make navigation quick and easy, in case the remote control is not a viable option for whatever reason.

Best of all, call it the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, or whatever metaphor comes to mind, is that at a retail price of $119.99, all these added features will not cost a penny more to bring this upgraded photo frame into any home, office, or other abode – the same price as the proceeding model. Start enjoying slideshows of photos, playing music, or watching videos.

Whether for family, a friend, a loved one, or just wanting to treat yourself, are you ready to get your hands on one of these frames? You can find it at one of many Sungale authorized retailers including Amazon and Walmart, or just click on this link to purchase directly from Sungale.

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