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So you’re thinking about getting yourself a portable Jump Starter…

Here’s a checklist of things to look for when making your selection.


What type of vehicle do you have?

The type of car you drive isn’t what’s important, but the size of the engine and type of fuel it uses is. Most cars run on Gasoline, but occasionally you’ll get a car that’s diesel or another type of gas. The other important factor to note is the size of the engine to make sure the jump starter is strong enough to start it. When it comes to trucks, large SUV’s, RV’s and tractors you definitely want to pay attention to these 2 points to make sure the jump starter you choose is strong enough.

What’s the Battery Capacity?

The power capacity is an important factor in selecting a jump starter, so that you know how much power is available to jump your car. Sometimes the first attempt may not work if the battery is very weak. You may have to try a few times or possibly more than one car if you’re with others who need assistance. So keep an eye on this important factor – We recommend nothing less than 10,000 mAh.

Does it come with Smart Clamp Protection?

You may be asking yourself what is “Smart Clamp Protection”? The easiest explanation is a way for you to see that the clamps are connected to the battery correctly and the jump starter is ready to jump the car. Usually, this would be an LED indicator light on the jumper cable connector that turns GREEN in color when the cables are connected correctly to signal you to jump the car.

Is it Portable and easy to store in your vehicle?

There are many different options of jump starters and you don’t always need to go with an extremely large one. Sure, if you are a tow truck where you will be jumping many different types of cars and they are always different, you want a big one just in case. But for personal use for your personal car/truck, you can select a jump starter that’s the perfect size. They can easily fit in your glove compartment, as many or very small in size and still powerful enough to start your car.

Does it have Multi-Functional Capabilities?

Having a jump starter is great, but when you can use it for more than just a jump starter, it makes it even more useful. A couple things you should look for in terms of Multi-Functions with your portable jump starter is:

  • Portable Power Bank – Being able to charge your smart phone and other portable electronics on the go.

  • Built-in Flash Light – Being able to see in the dark when you are trying to start your car at night.

What do we recommend?

The Alpha Digital – Model A10 – Portable Jump Starter has everything you need from having a large 10,000 mAh capacity, Smart Clamps, Portable and easy to store and multi-functional options of being a power bank and flash light. As long as your vehicle’s engine fits the SPEC range outlined below, this is a perfect option for you to grab and keep with your car in those emergency situations.

A10 Spec Range:

  • 800A Peak Current (12V battery)

  • 6.0L Gas Engine

  • 3.0L Diesel Engine

Not sure your car fits the specs? Chat with us and we’ll let you know

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