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Introducing the Brand New 2023 Sungale Cloud Frames

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

When it comes to the Digital Photo Frame, Sungale has been pioneering the evolution of this product since 2004. Almost 20 years later, we are still a leader in the category and have helped to shape the future of the product by introducing both WiFi and Cloud based digital photo frames. In 2023, we still take pride in offering a high-end and feature rich digital photo frame and why we are excited to announce our 2 new models.

CPF1032+ 10-in Cloud Frame Featuring New Aesthetic Design CPF2200 21-in Cloud Frame with HD Anti-Glare Screen



  • You are still getting the Amazing Cloud Photo APP and Website to manage your photos in the cloud and easily share them to the Cloud Frame

  • You still get Easy Navigation with a touchscreen on the 10 inch and a remote control air mouse on the 21 inch

  • You are still getting 20GB of Free Cloud Storage in your Cloud Account

  • You are still able to access Social Media, APPs and Web browser

  • You are still getting the multiple transition effects, slideshow controls and weather panel

  • You are still getting the ability to link multiple cloud frames to your account and share among your own cloud frames or friends and family’s frames



Rotate your frame and the photos will rotate automatically in the correct orientation. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, these 2 new frames support both directions.

Improved HD IPS Screen

We’ve gone ahead and added a High Definition IPS Screen that is both brighter and more clear. So when you view your photos on either of these 2 models, you’ll be enjoying them in crisp, clear HD resolution – and the best possible picture available for your great memories.

Scheduled on/off power:

We’ve always provided an option to have the screen go into sleep mode after a specific period of time, but never really gave on Auto on/off scheduling feature. These new models now have that capability to give you more control of when you want your frame on or off to save energy and usage.

Improved Hardware SPECs and Performance:

These 2 models have been developed with the latest hardware Quadcore CPU to provide TOP CLASS performance and smooth transitions. This also gives us the ability to add future updates to these units to provide continuous improvements and new features.

Additionally, we increased the internal storage – 16GB on the 10 inch and 32GB on the 21 inch, so you can store 1000’s of photos and videos directly on the photo frame.

New Photo Notification:

When new photos are sent to the Cloud Frame, the home screen will automatically display the newest photos on the cloud album tile – letting you know that a new photo has been sent to your frame.



Interested in getting yourself one of these new models? They are available for sale at our Website and all our other popular sales channels. For a full list, please check out the links below.

CPF1032+: 10-in Cloud Frame

Normally: $119.99 / Sale: $107.99


Coupon Code: NEW10in-CloudFrame23

Valid until 10/31/2023

CPF2200: 21-in Cloud Frame

Normally: $299.99 / Sale: $269.99


Coupon Code: NEW21in-CloudFrame23

Valid unit 10/31/2023


Full Retailer List Below

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