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Sungale Launches New Website for Digital Signage

Sungale has been in the digital signage business for several years now offering an easy to use All-In-One solution that combines both hardware and software together that simply works with no hassles or headaches. In addition to being easy to operate and setup, it also is a very affordable option compared to other solutions in the market.

Why did we decide to setup a new website for Digital Signage?

Sungale’s main business has always been in consumer electronics and focused more towards the end user/consumer. Digital Signage was our first entrance in more of a B2B – Business focused product, so it didn’t exactly match our traditional product focus. This year, we decided it was time to put more emphasis on this product line and having it focused more towards businesses and having a dedicated website for that product line followed that vision.

What’s New on compared to

We’ve made it more streamlined to find the answers you’re looking for easier. Previously, all the content was focused on one page. This forced us to only focus on certain details and having a general overview. With the new website, we are able to provide a comprehensive explanation as well as introducing our solution in a better and way under our “Solution”, “Pricing”, "Products" and “About Us” sections.

Our Solution

Our Pricing

About Us Story

Are You A Current User/Customer?

If you are currently using our digital signage, we’ve setup a special area of the website for customer testimonials. We want to hear your feedback and how you use Sungale Signage in your business. For any customer who wants to provide a Testimonial for our website, we will either provide FREE SERVICE for a good portion of time, or FREE HARDWARE. Check out our current testimonials here:

Want to provide a testimonial? Send us a message here and we’ll let you know how:

Portal Access and Login

We’ve made it easy to login to digital signage by adding a login link at the top of the page. If you have not memorized or saved the link yet, you can easily find it by just visiting our website. From – click “digital signage” and then click “login” or directly visit and clicking “login”, which will take you to the login portal here:

Are you a prospective Customer Wanting to Know More?

If you’ve reviewed our website and are either ready to make a purchase and having some further questions you’d like to discuss with our team, click “Book A Demo” at the top of the website and fill out your details. Even if it’s a simple question related to how our digital signage works, or further details on pricing or a special quote, you can message us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP with either an email reply, or a time to discuss more on a video or phone call.

Ready to Buy?

If you don’t need to book a demo to ask further questions, and you are just ready to move forward with a purchase, we have all our products available to purchase under the products link here:

Need a special quote due to ordering in BULK? Be sure to send a message first under BOOK A DEMO, and we’ll review to see if you qualify for any special pricing.

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